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Welcome to Barstool Open 2012

2012 Winners

Brookside/Waldo Course:

Top Fundraising Team - Evan's Entoruage - Dana Boyle, Capt., Nicole Bonds, Derrick Bonds & Melissa Wilson

Best Dressed - Csonka's Gladiators - Brent Dein, Capt.

Lowest Score - One Putt Sluts - Nancy Schriner, Capt.

Kansas Course:

Top Fundraising Team - Out of Bounds - Robert White, Capt., Denita Elliss, Kari Untereker, and Kevin Waring

Best Dressed - Village Rejects - Troyce Deberg, Capt.

Lowest Score - Where Are the Par-Tee Chicks - Steve Williams, Capt.

The Barstool Open is a fundraising event that will celebrate 14 years in 2013!!!

2012 prizes were bigger and better than ever! The team that raised the most money won a private tasting party for 24 at Dark Horse Distillery. Kansas City’s own full production distillery that produces two varieties of whiskeys – Sour Mash Bourbon and 100% Rye Whiskey. Using only the finest Midwest ingredients, Dark Horse creates spirits from all categories with dedication and creativity.

Other prizes include Miller Lite wearables, food/beverage gift certificates and Miller Lite prize packs.

Courses were set up in Brookside/Waldo and Johnson County.

Thanks to our primary sponsors – Miller Coors Brewing Company, Central States Beverage Company and Midwest Distributors Company.

See you in 2013!

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Top Fundraisers
1.Nicole Bonds
2.Robert White
3.Dana Boyle
4.Amy Yapp
5.John Vance
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Team Rank
1.Evan's Entourage
2.Hillbilly Putters
3.Out of Bounds
4.Burning Love
5.Stiff Competition
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